The Most Demanding Teaching Jobs in Australia - Explore with Us

21. Dec 2023
The Most Demanding Teaching Jobs in Australia - Explore with Us

The Australian study is quite similar to the ones in the United States and the United Kingdom. Foreigners coming to Australia from these sides have a great margin in teaching jobs. Australia is undoubtedly one of the most flourishing countries and is always in demand for school teachers in urban and rural areas.

Maths, science, English, language, and a lot more is in demand right now. If you are also well-skilled in teaching with expertise in tutoring, you have a high chance of qualifying for the Australian public and private schools. 

In this article, we will discuss the salary benefits and the most demanding teaching jobs in Australia.

So, let’s begin. 

Salary and Benefits when Teaching in Australia

Teachers in Australia can earn from $30,000 to USD 65,000 if they have relevant qualifications and levels of education. However, they also vary depending on the states of the Australis. 

As the compensations differ in each state, it also depends on the school you teach. Teachers with the highest experience can usually expect the highest salary as well as more benefits. 

Why Work in Teaching?

Teaching is one of the best ways not only to work in Australia but also to impact the lives of young minds. As a teacher, you can shape the future of a generation and build them into brilliant minds, preparing them for challenges yet to come. In your role as an educator, you have the power of influence, and you can help students see the world with unique perspectives and approach new challenges with a required attitude. 

It is also a job that requires a socially active person. If you like to be around new people and pick up their minds, this job can do wonders for you. Besides, the new energy of the students is always there to teach you something new all the time. It is sometimes overwhelming but also exciting for someone who thrives on fresh ideas. Additionally, teaching roles offer many migration benefits to the ones looking to settle in Australia.  

Which Teachers Are in High Demand in Australia?

If you look closely, there are a lot of demanding jobs in Australia, but teaching is at the top. If you have no idea what roles might be in demand, the following are some of the finest. 

  • Mathematics

Technology is advancing rapidly, and engineering and science are becoming more in demand. This is why it is not a surprise that Mathematics teachers are the most in demand to help children with their education. You can always check with online directories like UmmaUp or the Department of Education in Australia to look for the roles. 

This department can also provide a list of states with a shortage of teachers in particular subjects like maths. Maths has faced the most skill shortages in both private and public schools in Australia. So, if you are good at it and have a master's in teaching, Melbourne is probably waiting for you. Middle and elementary math teachers must also hold bachelor's degrees. A Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or Education is likely to be required. 

  • Special Educators

Special educators are another role in demand because of the shortage of special educators. Teachers with a specialization in special education can teach students from various backgrounds, the ones with special needs ranging from mild learning disabilities to those with severe disabilities.

You can find a job for it in primary-level schools, but you will need a bachelor’s degree. However, some states may also require a master's degree and a diploma in special education studies. Undergraduate programs cover the fundamentals of child development, education psychology, and special education laws and policies.

  • Science Teachers

Science is another subject in demand. It means that science teachers are also in demand in Australia. You will be required to teach students the comprehensive concepts of life backed up by science. Similar to any other teaching role, it also demands a bachelor’s degree in the field of science if you want to teach in an elementary school. 

If you choose to teach high school science and technology, you can divide your time between lecture classes and labs, where you will be able to assist students in applying the lessons you've taught. Any specialization in science will be more beneficial to you.

  • Foreign Language Teachers

Languages never go out of demand. Since the world is becoming more global, they are even more in demand right now. There are many foreign languages that are highly in demand in Australia. Spanish, French, and German are the most common. In fact, Chinese and Japanese are also becoming extremely popular. So, many schools have been reporting a shortage of language instructors in Australia. This role, however, requires a master’s degree in a specific language and a certification. Your degree can help you demonstrate your proficiency. You must be fluent in both English and any other foreign language.

Your certification may require additional testing to demonstrate your proficiency. It varies from state to state. Working as a foreign language teacher allows you to travel abroad and experience the country in your own unique way.

  • University Lecturers and Tutors

University lecturers and tutors may not have a significant shortage, but they are still in demand in Australia. As a university professor, you will be responsible for providing highly specialized education to adults. It will require preparing and delivering lectures and also advising university students on academic matters. 

  • Private Teachers and Tutors

This type of teaching is about educating students by involving them in practice. For example, performing arts, dance, drama, music, and other subjects. You will have to apply for them in private training centers. You will be required to plan the training sessions, assess students, and review their performances. 

Bottom line 

So, if you are pursuing a career in teaching, this might be it. You have a good chance to settle in Australia. Get your degree and certificates together and prepare for the big career break in Australia. Now, if you are unsure where to apply and what institutes are looking for your subject teacher, UmmaUp is your go-to directory.

Refine your research by looking for jobs in Australia for foreigners and using filters to find teaching jobs suitable to your qualifications.

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