Top Demanding Fields in Australia: Internship Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

20. Nov 2023
Top Demanding Fields in Australia: Internship Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

Working in Australia is no less than a dream, especially for graduates from universities in Australia. Once you experience the lifestyle it offers, it is hard to go back from there. Being educated from there can be advantageous in many ways, too. 

However, if you are an international student but want to move to Australia for your internship and professional career, you might need to know your expectations and the roles you can opt for. Look for the ones in demand, and you can evaluate your fitness for those roles and skills before applying. 

What Job Sectors Have the Most Vacancies in Australia?

As for the most in-demand jobs, you might want to look into the healthcare and social assistance industry. They are quite high in demand mainly because it is a broad field with a constant demand for skilled newcomers with roles ranging from doctor to nurse, dentist, psychologist, and caregiver. 

According to a recent government report, the country will have a shortage of 85,000 nurses by 2025 and 123,000 by 2030. It might be your chance to start working on your skills from today. 

Top Roles to Get Jobs or Internships for Fresh Graduates in Australia 

People with the right training and skills can find plenty of in-demand jobs. With the right degree and proper training, you must have more opportunities - securing you years of professional work. But you also need to understand the jobs for graduates in demand. It can help you select the best study and training options for a long-term career. 

The most in-demand jobs in a variety of industries are listed below.

  • Software Developers

Software engineering is not just in demand in Australia; it is all around the world. As technology advances, coders become superheroes of the information technology (IT) world. Australia is blooming in the regional economy, and states like Victoria (Vic), South Australia (SA), and Western Australia (WA) are more diverse in the software development industry. When you migrate to Australia as a skilled software programmer, you can have a very promising career ahead as the country will reach new heights of digitization in the coming decades. 

As per the reports of Indeed, the average salary of a graduate software engineer per year is around $90,000. Additionally, the seniors can earn more than $110,000 per year. Isn’t it a good deal? 

  • Aged Care

Healthcare professionals can never go out of demand. In the Aged care sector of Australia, you can always find a seat if you are skilled for it. If you know you can attend to the needs of old age people, remember that Australia has a crazy population of aging people. It is expected to increase by 2066. 

It says that Aged care is expected to be in high demand, accounting for 21% to 23% of the total population. Another benefit of having a career in Aged care is the new technology will not impact so highly on the job security. 

Yes, automation will surely assist you in many practical tasks, from tracking to keeping records, but compassion and empathy are still human abilities. 

  • Project Managers

Project management is another role in Demand. It is always in need regardless of how technology shapes the future; teams need human managers full-time to help them stay sorted. Businesses always look for a skilled manager. If you have those skills, this might be your shot after graduation. The average salary is about A$ 80,000 (about US$ 57,000 for more senior positions and higher). 

  •  ICT Architect:

Are you in love with the data? If you have a business degree with a major in business analytics or data science, you can easily fit into the field of ICT architecture. It brings you many different opportunities. 

You'll find solutions, improve systems and processes, and create new opportunities for business success with data science and visualization skills, machine learning, cloud technology, and IT project management.  You can apply for data scientist master and data analytics.

  • Early Childhood Teachers

Childcare centers are another thing to be in demand. It means you can be an early childhood teacher with the training and skills. If you enjoy working with children, there are numerous career opportunities in early childhood education, such as working in kindergartens and childcare centers.

You'll be helping to shape children's futures by fostering their educational, social, and emotional development through a combination of learning and play.

You may find yourself supervising children in their daily routines, planning activities, preparing materials for learning or play, providing entertainment, and supporting their social and behavioral development as childcare workers.

  • Chefs

Chefs are also high in demand. The food scene in the country is great, and if you can turn your passion into a career that provides you income, then why not? You can run a kitchen, plan the menu, and source ingredients. 

So your customers can enjoy the meal of highest quality. You can apply for it in catering businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and even organizations that require personnel chef for their staff.  According to Indeed, chefs in Australia earn more than $60,000 per year on average.

  • Digital Communication

Digital communication may sound like a new term, but it already exists as we have new modes and channels of communication. Industries demand more creative personnel to handle business communication. With AI in the picture, it is natural to think that industries don’t need humans anymore, but they do. 

Human judgment on creativity, privacy, and even security issues will always be demanded. You can apply as a digital strategist, Digital marketing specialist, Social media specialist, and even a Digital content producer. This is your path to consider if you are well-versed in digital communication. 

Bottom Line 

So, as you look for internships in Sydney or any state of Australia, early work experience can help you greatly, whether you work as a student or a part-time professional. However, if you are newly moving to Australia and looking for internships or jobs, get your homework. Look for the available roles on Ummaup, as the directory can provide you with the companies with relevant roles, and a lot more.

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