Coles Halal Meat Product List

Being a Muslim in Australia, the only thing you will always be looking at on the grocery store shelves or online grocery list is Halal Food. Having no information on which products or brands are available is sort of a challenging problem for most Muslims. However, if you have been residing in Australia for some time, you are probably familiar with Coles. Coles is famous for its amazing collection of Halal food items. They are popular for their highest quality and reasonable prices. Right now, if you are looking for meat products, we at UmmaUp have the list for you. 

In case you don’t know much about the Coles Halal Meat products, we have compiled a whole list of their meat products in the Halal category. You can filter out the ones you need, read the description, and buy accordingly. You will see the Coles Halal meat products list with descriptions and the image below. All you need is to look exactly for the item of interest and place your order right away. No hassles and nothing to ponder about for hours while walking down the grocery store aisles.


Brand Name

Product Name

Product Image

Product Description

Steggles Bulk Oven Roasted Diced Chicken 10kg Steggles Oven Roasted Diced Chicken meat made with premium quality Steggles chicken fillets which have been lightly marinated then fully cooked and diced ready to eat.
Steggles Honey Soy Chicken Wing Nibbles 2kg