About Us

Umma Up is a one-stop directory for the Australian Muslim community. The Australian Muslim community struggles against the massive continental divide across the land and limited reach for community building. Umma Up plans to stand tall against these challenges by providing a business listing directory that engulfs the entire Australian continent. 

You can find relevant listings from all cities, significant and small so that as long as you are gaining your appropriate requirements, you can consider moving around or navigating distances and finding a much bigger pool for your needs.

Core Values:


The pursuit of knowledge is a religious requirement for Muslims and contributes to strengthening the links between people. If you donate money to a poor person in another nation, even if you've never met them, they'll feel gratitude and pray for you because of the relief you've provided to their lives. Therefore, achieving oneness is not constrained in any way. If we see the faithful as bricks used to construct a building, we can quickly see how much good may result from their just helping one another and keeping tabs on each other's well-being.


There is much that can be accomplished when people work together. People are brought together by unity, which fosters feelings of love, peace, and charity among them. As followers of Islam, we may use our unity not just as a vehicle for extending charity to others around us but also as a chance to advance in our personal and spiritual development and draw Allah closer (SWT).


It is instructed in Surah Al Maidah that believers should assist one another in doing deeds of righteousness and justice. It is recommended in Surah Al Maidah that believers should help one another in doing acts of morality and justice. Also, be conscious of Allah.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a small but influential community where Muslims from across Australia can come together to share their needs and understand the options they have available in the Muslim community. Here are a few categories that we have covered in Umma Up business listings:


Jobs are a conventional section on any business listings, but we focus on jobs within the Muslim community. The jobs are from the country, and the most significant fields are covered; Umma Up is early, and more categories and job titles will be added with time. 

Real Estate

The primary real estate transactions for mosques, Muslim community centres and houses owned by the Muslim community will become easier with Umma Up. The website will allow Muslims across Australia to exchange transactions for mosque building and other activities. 

Home and Garden:

Gardening and household equipment will be available here, both brand new and second-hand. The Muslim community can buy products at local rates.

Service of Hire

Muslim blue-collar workers can pursue Muslim employers and households where Islamic beliefs are welcomed. Many household maids find it hard to work in modern homes and will find better solutions with the website. 


Vehicles from across Australia will be listed for users to browse. 

Halal Finder

Halal finders are a significant need for Muslims as they have eating requirements that are not fulfilled at every restaurant. The Halal Finder section is an excellent place to find the right spots to shop grocery and eat!


A one-of-a-kind listing where Muslim event management companies can list. The listing will help create segregated events or events that cater to Muslim cultures in various ways across Australia. 

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